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So happy. Well packaged with everything you need put the drill. Easy to install. I want more

Very pleased with it! It’s for my 3 rabbits rather than a cat haha. The reason it’s 4 starts and not 5 is because the instructions did not match the product. Things were labelled incorrectly and screw holes were in the wrong places and did not match the photos on the instructions. I ended up not putting the stairs on because they were labelled incorrectly and as soon as I realised it was too late and this is extremely difficult to take apart. And not to mention incredibly heavy! I was not expecting it to be as heavy as it was. But my rabbits seem very happy with the end results and that’s all that matters. :)

Great product and customer service

Ordered a number of items from the DIY shelves range. High quality and all very easy to put together, but I will be getting a professional to do the wall mounting. And then it’s up to the always fickle nature of cats to use them!
I had one small problem which was fixed very quickly and more than satisfactorily by the support team through email.
Thank you - I’m excited!

Well made, my cats absolutely love

Sturdy and my cats love it.

Our cats loves this product. The youngest hangs out up high while gazing at us in the lowlands.

Love it

This house is perfect. Easy to assemble and my cats love it.

Well made

Assembling wasn't difficult. Very well made. Sturdy.

Cat Feeding Bowls

They look great but they are a Christmas present so I haven’t used them yet

Double tilted cat bowls

Excellent just what Hamish needed he is 14 yrs old end is eating better

Our two new kittens are thrilled with the raised wood/ceramic dual feeder. I can see that it's more ergonomically tenable as well. Glad I found your site and pleased with my unexpected purchase.

great service - super cute product

I bought the PETOMG cat shelves value set as a first time shopper. I was very impressed by the sale price, the customer service and the fast shipping. When the product arrived, it was faulty (a join in the wood had come undone). I had bought the product as a guest user and thought I may have trouble sorting it out but the chat function on the website had me in touch with a person who very quickly organised a replacement without any bother. It arrived in perfect condition yesterday. From my order confirmation to the replacement arriving took 8 days. So far, construction couldn't have been easier and its a lovely looking sturdy product. I'm about to install it on my wall and see if the cat is also impressed ;)

Solid piece of cat furniture

Instructions were straight forward and the final product is really sturdy, timber oak finish is nice and neutral. My big 6kg cat can use the holes and scratching posts just fine. I have it positioned next to a window and my cat enjoys sitting on the top and looking out the window. It's quite tall but sturdy enough that it doesn't need to be fixed to a wall so would be good for anyone renting who wants to add some vertical higher spaces to their cat's environment. It has a fairly wide footprint so check your measurements carefully before purchasing, it ended up being too big for where we originally intended to place it, but happy with the new spot we found for it.

Big bundle of furniture

In general the furniture is high quality and very easy to assemble. I had some issues with mounting it, in that the supplied wall plugs were not up to the task. Some of the problem there was with my walls, but I suspect the largest unit would not have been stable even in a faultless plasterboard wall.

That piece might need more than 4 anchor points, or a warning about needing to use higher capacity wall plugs.

Quality Is Good - Instructions need updating

My bunnies like it very much, and I'm happy with the overall quality. One piece arrived broken in half, but I was able to work around it.

There were two places in the directions that did not match the current design, I was able to figure it out.. eventually. The parts list also had listed one component as having 8 pieces, when there should have been two different components with four pieces each.

Once put together the whole thing is very stable. Since people are buying these for more than just cats, I would suggest that some of the flooring pieces have some sort of traction, even just a rough sanded surface. Bunnies don't have toe beans :) I used yoga mats temporarily while I figure out what will work.


Items arrived in a timely manner, and a problem was resolved promptly. Good quality products l. 👍

As pictured.
Came in 2 boxes for me (USA).
About 2 wood panels did not match the instruction guide as in they were missing 1 or 2 holes so we had to drill them in.
They give you lots of extras so if you lose a screw you'll have plenty.

Cat wall hexagon

This item is really good quality!! It is made with solid timer and covered in a light varnish. It was very easy to assemble and arrived with the tools required. The exact same item in the store costs around the $300 mark! I would definitely buy again. Thankyou for producing such a good quality item for an affordable price.

Floor to ceiling cat tree (cat tower)

This is my second order with Petomg, these items are quality items. The cat tree is amazing in build and quality. I liked being able to choose my own items

Excited to get them on the wall

I really needed something fun for myself and this cat wall furniture has hit the spot. It’s lovely to look at and feel, easy to put together and sturdy, can’t wait to get it up on the wall and see my cat enjoying it!

Still waiting

I have only recieved one piece of my package. I hope the other pieces are coming soon

Exceptional quality product and customer service

The quality of the product is exceptional and when I informed them I was missing a couple of items from quite a large order, I had a reply within 24 hours and the the missing items shipped along with an apology gift at the time of their reply.

Cat-action Station

Easy to assemble, cats love it so much

Perfect way to finish a TV wall

Such a super priced and unique wall feature. Everything was included including a screw driver. Great quality and so so happy with how it looks. Great buy. Easy to recommend.