Parkour all night ✨- Tiger BoiThe cat wall shelf and capsule perch from @petomg-official  are our new favorite thingsWe live in a small house so having this extra space to run, jump, lounge, and observe in is amazingStraight forward set up and beautifully designed. This is your sign 💛Thanks to Pawther @cantuamusic for setting it up

Sneak peek at the cat shelf spaceship from @petomg-official Alfie is so happy to have his windowsill elevated. Assembly was straight forward and even came with tools - we added the interior light 💛🛸Stay tuned for more capsule adventures 🛸

Thank you! This is such a great product for a small room too because it gives them so much space to play!


The@petomg_officialcat wall is Alfie approved

✨It provides a ton of vertical play and lounging space

✨The install is straightforward and goes fairly fast with two people and a power drill

✨Quality and aesthetic

Have you thought about a cat wall? This is your sign to do it ✨

Thank you@cantuamusicfor the build

Bubble time- AlfieCat shelves from @petomg-official
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