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Cat Preference

Human beings behaviors that cats hate

· Emotional, uncertain                               · Noisy

· Make unexpected moves.                      · Act in ways they are not used to 

· Stroking or hugging them endlessly      · Strong smell.                           

· Rough and oppressive.                           · Different gender from master. 

· Ignore the needs of the cat                     

Human beings behaviors that cats love

· Consistent attitude.                                  · Clear and steady voice

· Gentle, moderate skin-to-skin contact.  · Respect their habits

· Without hindering their freedom.            · No perfume or the like

· Smooth and gentle movements.             · Same gender as master

· Respond to the needs of the cat in time

The voice cat hate

· Sudden noises -- people's screams, thunder, firecrackers, brakes, horns
· High frequency noise--sounds from hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, wall breakers, etc.
· Sounds similar to cat neighing--similar sounds made by other cats when pressing the spray
· The sound of squeezing metal - the sound of cans, tin foil, etc. being squeezed or rolled up

 The voice cat love

· The sound of food packaging being torn or cat food being poured
· Prey or toy imitating sounds made by prey
· The sound of master opening the door and going home
· Some specific frequencies of sound

Things cats hate   Things cats love

· Strangers                                                · Sunbathing
· Territory is occupied                               · Not disturbed
· Taken to strange and noisy places         · Hunting
· Get wet with water                                  · Free time

Smells cats hate    Smells cats love

· Citrus, Vinegar                                        · Catnip, Polygonum vulgaris
· Spicy, mothballs                                     · Carton
· Strong perfume smell                             · Food
· Smelly cat litter box                                · Master's smelly shoes
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