How to Design a Cat Wall

Cats are a part of people's lives. In order to make our cat have a happy life, we can design a cat wall for cats. The cat wall can not only provide a game space for cats, but also decorate your walls.

Choose Material

The material of the cat wall should be selected to meet the requirements of safety and health, such as logs, because they are more environmentally friendly than other materials such as plastic or metal and can withstand the wear and tear of cat claws. At the same time, avoid using too thin wooden or metal strips, so as not to cause harm to the cat.

Cat Wall Location

Cat Wall Location

First, you need to select an appropriate location to install the cat wall. Generally speaking, the favorite thing for cats is by some windows or by the corner. Of course, you can also choose the right space according to the specific layout of your home.

Cat Wall Size

Choose an available space on the wall, determine the size and shape of the cat wall, but also take into account the size and age of the cat, better customize a suitable cat wall for them.  


There are many functions of cat wall design, such as climbing ladders,cat perches,cat scratchers,cat houses and so on. According to the habits and characteristics of cats, it will be more appropriate to design cat walls that belong to them.

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Decorate Cat Wall

When we have completed the design of the cat wall. Putting some cat toys, soft cushions, or unbreakable green plants on the cat wall furniture are all good choices.

Build a Cat-friendly Home!

Designing a cat wall just for cats can not only provide them with a fun and rich play space, but also improve their mobility and affinity with people. So, hurry up and start designing and making your cat wall!