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Solid Rubberwood

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Cats love to climb, scratch and play, so giving them a wall mounted shelf or cat tree helps fulfill their desire for movement. A cat playground is great for their physical and emotional health, providing a fun and safe place to play, exercise and relax.

Eco-friendly & High-quality

Rubber wood pet furniture is a sustainable alternative for pet owners looking for eco-friendly options, because it's fast-growing & renewable. Handmade with 15mm thickened sheet. Each piece has been selected, beautiful texture, less stuttering, thickened and solid wood surface.

Durability & Aesthetics

Our cat furnitures are durable that can withstand the wear and tear of cats' claws and rough play.
Rubber wood has a warm and natural look that can complement a variety of decor styles. It is a functional piece of art that meets cats' natural instincts and pleases cat owners too.

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PETOMG have been on the path of pet supplies for nearly a decade and have been experts in the sourcing, design and manufacture of wooden pet furniture supplies.

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