PETOMG, live spectacularly!


PETOMG, a warm store that insisting on using only high-quality wood to inspire furry friends to live a better life and more sustainable lifestyle. Our care for furry friends is what drives us.

PETOMG is dedicated to developing and providing high-quality, attractive design, and cost-effective pet products for your pet family members!


PETOMG is established by two partners, both of whom love cats and dogs very much. As a pet owner makes us better understanding the needs of pet owners for products and the needs of pets, prompting us to think about what functions and designs would satisfy the preferences of both pet owners and their pets.


PETOMG has its own production factory and has 12 years of experience in the design and production of pet products.

In order to ensure better and more cost-effective products and services for customers, PETOMG independently controls the whole process from product design, production and transportation to sales and after-sales service.


We insist on using only high-quality rubber wood to create a sustainable and better life for furry friends. Environmentally friendly process, handmade with 15mm thickened sheet. Selected rubber wood imported from Thailand, each piece has been selected, beautiful texture, small color difference, less stuttering, thickened and solid wood surface.


PETOMG has its own warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, New Jersey in the United States, and Slovakia in the Czech Republic,etc., so you don't have to wait for a long time. We also provide free shipping service, so that you can quickly receive your favorite products at the best price.


The vision of PETOMG is to become a desired brand in pet supplies trusted by pet owners and loved by cute pets!

If you have any question, please contact us, we are always here and happy to help!

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