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Can cat wall furniture survive a cat-astrophic wall crash?

Cat wall furniture is designed to meet the climbing and resting needs of cats, and they can be installed on different types of walls. However, different types of walls have different requirements for the support capacity and installation methods of cat wall furniture. The following are some common wall types and their corresponding cat wall furniture installation suggestions:

Gypsum Board Walls (Drywall):

Drywall walls are relatively fragile, so you need to be careful when installing cat wall furniture.
It is recommended to use specialized drywall fasteners (such as expansion screws or special anchor points) to increase the load-bearing capacity.

Solid brick or concrete wall:

This type of wall has strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for installing various types of cat wall furniture.
Furniture can be fixed directly using expansion bolts or concrete screws to ensure stability.

PETOMG includes a wall anchor kit for solid wall and drywall in the package with every cat wall shelf, making it less of a worry for you.

Wooden wall:

The load-bearing capacity of wood walls is somewhere between that of drywall and solid brick walls.
Screws can be used directly into the wood during installation, but care must be taken not to damage the wall structure.

Tile wall:

Ceramic tile walls have high hardness, but are not easy to drill directly.

When installing cat wall furniture, you need to use a special tile drill bit to drill holes to avoid damaging the tiles.
Suitable for installation of light to medium weight furniture, installation method needs to be careful to ensure secure fixation.

When installing cat wall furniture, it is important to ensure that the furniture can safely bear the weight of your cat and avoid the risk of falling. In addition, different wall materials and structures may require different installation tools and fixings. It is recommended to read the product instructions carefully before installation and choose the appropriate installation method according to the wall type. If you're not sure how to install it, consider calling in a professional to ensure safety.

⚠️ What types of walls are not suitable for installing cat wall furniture?

Cavity walls: Such as drywall walls that have no support behind them and cannot bear the weight of a cat.

Weak walls: Old wooden or drywall walls, for example, may not be able to bear the weight of a cat.

🔍 How to determine if a wall is suitable for installing cat wall furniture?

Knock on the wall: Knock on the wall with your hands or tools. If the sound is dull, the wall is solid; if the sound is hollow, the wall is hollow.

See the wall's construction: You can see the wall's construction to get an idea of the wall's material and thickness.

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