Well the fun continues, we are getting really spoiled over here😹

🩷 We received these pretty wall shelves from @petomg.official and they coordinate perfectly with our @mau.pets tree area🌳💞

We have never had a tree or wall shelves before, so Mum wasn't sure what our reactions would be!😅

So far so good for both🥰💖 And they are right over Mum's desk, so she can be more productive at work😂😉

🩷What items have your parents got you that failed or were a success?🛌🛋️📦🛍️🎁⛺️🧸⛲️🧣⚽️

Check out for more cool shelf combinations

🩷🩷🩷 Link in bio😉

Sweet Pea is such a playful girl!🩷She really enjoys making her own silly & imaginative fun💞 If there is a space to explore or new object to find, she is always first to spot it, she is our little innovator💖

Tot loves to copy whatever his cool sis is doing!😻 He is slowly learning how to get up here, but for now, she has this cool space all to herself😽💓 No boys allowed🚫🩶🐱🐭

Do you have a copycat in your house?😹

Sweet Pea is feeling sentimental today💞 and thinking about how much better her life is with her bestie brofur in it🥹🩷🩶

2️⃣ Telling secrets🔐

3️⃣ Exploring & investigating🔍

4️⃣ Giving slaps🐾

5️⃣ Looking out the windows🪟

6️⃣ Having fun playing🐯🐯

7️⃣ Sharing teefie kisses🤓💋

8️⃣ There is not another chonky bum in this world that I would rather spend my days with🥰🩶

9️⃣ I love you to the moon and back Tot🚀🌙💫

Thank you @petomg.official for giving us somewhere fun to make more memories together🥹🩷🩶

What do you love the most about your siblings?😍

We have so much space on our wall shelves and tree! We hope some friends come to visit us!😻😻
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