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How cats get rid of boredom

How cats get rid of boredom

Richard Z. |

Do cats at home alone feel lonely?Actually it will

--A cat at home alone spends a lot of time sleeping, scratching the sofa and grinding its claws. By the time you get home, the cat will become more and more active, eagerly waiting for your return.
If the cat keeper can't accompany the cat often, how to let the cat get rid of boredom at home?

1--Provide a scenic spot
--After closing the windows safely, the owner can arrange a rest place nearby.
The window is like a TV belonging to a cat. It can not only see the scenery outside, but also watch the birds and butterflies, and see the shit shovel officer who is about to return home downstairs. In this way, even domestic cats will not be exposed to the same world, and they can also enjoy their favorite sunbathing!

2--Prepare toys with different functions
--Grow a pot of catnip: If cats like to eat flowers and plants, catnip is the best choice, not only is it safe, but they will also have a lot of fun.
--Scratching tools: Cat scratching is one of the ways cats mark scents, and can also prevent cramps and relieve pain. Owners can arrange scratching tools such as cat scratching boards and cat climbing frames to meet the cat's natural behavior.

3-- Find a new friend
--Although cats are very independent, they also rely on their friends.
When the shit shoveler is not at home, they can play together and relieve loneliness, but the aborigines and new kittens need a period of time. The owner needs to arrange the meeting of the two cats reasonably to ensure that they can live together in harmony .

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