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Wall-Mounted Aesthetic Cat Furniture

Blending with Modern Home Decor

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Modern Cat Furniture

Not only takes up limited wall space, but also creates an interesting play territory for cats.

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Unique cat furniture turns the silent walls into a playground for the star cats!

Expert Feedback on Instagram

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  • @Luna, Lily, and Lucy 💗💗💗

    Our wall has been upgraded thanks to the giveaway prizes that we won from@petomg🤍

  • @screamy_beany

    Screaming because my petomg shelves are the perfect place for me to avoid Blueberry, seven days a week 😽🎀🪩

  • @zolder_the_cat

    Hey furriends, check out our ameowzing castle from petomg❤️❤️
    We absolutely love it, and there are lots of places to climb around, hide, or just rule over our kingdom!

  • @scrimpusthecat

    Thank you so much petomg! Scrimpus is totally obsessed with his wall-mounted cat furniture! 🦐❤️.

  • @thepurrfecttcats

    We are so excited that we received the finishing touches to our cat wall! We will be making another post when it’s all finished!! Thank you petomg 💕💕

  • @plush_dollface_persians

    I was telling you guys that I don’t have any cat climbers at this moment and I am looking for unique new ones. My cats were fortunate to receive a gift from this brand called PetOMG, they have the most amazing cat climbers, cat houses, and cat walls that you could customize .

  • @catcatcity_

    Back at it with another great build from petomg
    We are obsessed with this floor standing cat unit! Complete with a casita , observation deck and a bubble bowl that’s PURRFECT for napping, we can’t wait to integrate it into our cat bedroom

  • @tookandbrandybuck

    This funny German song is what I imagine runs through Pippin’s head every day 🤣🧡

    The shelf bowl listed is from a cat shelf set Merry and Pippin were gifted over at petomg!

  • @rocket_the_cat_2023

    Meowm and I were so happy to receive our very first wall mounted cat furniture from the amazing petomg😻 Since I’m always trying to climb the walls anyways 😹 Meowm thought it would be a great idea to try out some wall mounted furniture to keep me entertained and happy!

  • @tortie_twinnies

    Where else 2 queens can live 🏰? petomg made sure that we have a castle😻😻
    Full range of their products are available on their website

Customer Reviews


  • catcatcity_

    This is such a great product for a small room too because it gives them so much space to play!

  • Luna

    Wow!! What an incredible kitty climbing wall! All decked out. Love it. 😽

  • Rosy Fafoutakis

    Cat wall trees
    Very happy and amazing customer service love the products and reasonable pricing
    Thank you

  • Susanna

    Beautiful set, value for money
    Overall, ecstatic with this set and likely purchasing a few more items from this range to complement these pieces.

  • Z.Z.

    Best Christmas gift for two naughty boys
    Bought this cat house as a Christmas gift for my two naught my boys. One is almost 5 years old and the other one is only 8 months old. But both of them love this new house!

  • Chris C.

    Super cute.
    I love the colors.
    The log style matches my house very well.

Cat Wall Playground

Combined with different scenes, we've picked great cat wall shelves and put them together for you. Start to create a cat-friendly home!

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Choosing the Ideal Wall for Your Cat Wall System

Creating an ideal wall-mounted cat system for your feline friend can enhance their playtime and promote physical health. However, the first step in achieving this goal is choosing the right wall. Here are some practical tips to help you make an informed decision.

How to Repair Walls After Installing a Cat Wall System

Installing a cat wall system can provide your feline friend with entertainment and exercise space, but the wall may get damaged during the removal or reinstallation process. This article will guide you through a simple and effective method to repair these damages and restore your wall.



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