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Z.Richard |

You might notice that your cat being naughty recently?
Or she is always naughty since the day one.
Pushing things off the desk, biting plastic bags, or ruined your furnitures?

It’s not just annoying but it is also really dangerous to their safety.
No matter how many times you try to stop them, they do it anyway.
They understand even you’d be angry, but they still have your attention.

So why do they want your attention?
The answer is obvious, they are bored and they do things to entertain themselves.

Put yourself in their shoes, living in the same space everyday and can’t leave the house.
Not to mentioned there’s no entertainment, no internet, no movies, no nothing.
So they chose to sleep a lot, but eventually there will be the awake moment.

How to stop this naughtiness?
You can’t fully stop them being naughty at the beginning; after all, they are kids.
It is kids’s nature to explore, to do things because that’s how we learn.

What we can do is providing something interesting, something they would enjoyed doing and hoping they would stay away from troubles just a bit longer.

The environment is always the first thing that we chose to start with, it’s easy to change and very effective from our experience. But please don’t just get cat tree and expect them to play with it right away. Teach them or play with them on it, show them you want to spend more time with them on this new toy.

Cat loves to explore the new environment, and most of them really prefer to stay on higher grounds. So we would recommend to install some cat shelves on the wall to make the vertical space becomes their playground as well. They can run up and down and enjoy the higher view from above, and less change to cause trouble.

PETOMG Cat Wall series is great choice to extend the vertical place for cat lover starters. 

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