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Why Do People Love Cats?

Now lots of family have their own pets, because they are cute and can bring a lot of joy and warmth to our boring life. Many people choose to keep cats because they are cute and quiet, and some of them are very humane, especially cat cubs, whose cute and pitiful expressions and calls can inspire human beings to have a strong desire to protect . They are born with a round face and big eyes, which are very cute, the fluffy body is comfortable to touch, and the weight is just right for hugging.

During the long-term domestication of humans, cats have not only formed a docile and well-behaved character, but also developed a "high emotional intelligence", good at observing words and expressions, and occasionally have some "cold style" that makes you obsessed with it . They can play with you, and most of the time this kind of play is based on your own needs, and you will enjoy it more. When you are tired or painful and anxious, they can also sense the changes in your mood. Although they can't speak, they can accompany you, snuggle by your side, and give you comfort. When you watch them doing all kinds of coquettish, cute or fanciful actions , you will feel very happy.

Humans are highly social animals who need to establish intimacy, understanding and tolerance. Although cats are not social animals, we can get a sense of belonging from them. Because although cats are raised by humans, they don’t feel that way. Pet cats still retain their independent characteristics. They need humans to respect their territories and habits, and they will also respond to people’s emotions.

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