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@petomg.official has their Instagram back! Check out their wonderful products on their page or their website at petomg.com❤️
Here are my cats enjoying their new TV cat bed 😻 it’s Felix’s favorite place to suntan 😹
Thank you @petomg.official ❤️
Thank you @petomg.official for sending us the “Cat House, Cat Condo, TV Cat Bed, Cat Scratcher” to try!!! We love it so much! It’s very sturdy and I love it for the senior kitties because they use it as stairs to climb up on the drawer 🥹
Tangie likes to pretend like she’s a kdrama star in the TV!
This reel made me realize how diverse my cats are 😹 Kiwi also uses it as a raised bowl stand ❤️
You can get yours on their website at https://petomg.com!!!

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