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Parkour all night ✨- Tiger BoiThe cat wall shelf and capsule perch from petomg  are our new favorite thingsWe live in a small house so having this extra space to run, jump, lounge, and observe in is amazingStraight forward set up and beautifully designed. This is your sign 💛Thanks to Pawther @cantuamusic for setting it up
Sneak peek at the cat shelf spaceship from petomg Alfie is so happy to have his windowsill elevated. Assembly was straight forward and even came with tools - we added the interior light 💛🛸Stay tuned for more capsule adventures 🛸
Thank you! This is such a great product for a small room too because it gives them so much space to play!
The petomg cat wall is Alfie approved
✨It provides a ton of vertical play and lounging space
✨The install is straightforward and goes fairly fast with two people and a power drill
✨Quality and aesthetic
Have you thought about a cat wall? This is your sign to do it ✨
Thank you @cantuamusic for the build
Bubble time- AlfieCat shelves from petomg
Back at it with another great build from petomg
We are obsessed with this floor standing cat unit! Complete with a casita , observation deck and a bubble bowl that’s PURRFECT for napping, we can’t wait to integrate it into our cat bedroom
Stay tuned for more and make sure to follow our friends petomg who recently lost their original account
Thank you @cantuamusic for being the best pawther and building our dreams

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