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Can cat wall furniture handle a cat-tastrophic cat-plosion?

To ensure that wall-mounted furniture doesn't damage your walls, you can follow these tips:

1. **Choose the Right Hardware:** Select the appropriate mounting hardware based on the type of wall (drywall, plaster, brick, etc.) and the weight of the furniture. For lighter items, adhesive hooks or strips that are designed for easy removal might suffice. For heavier items, it's crucial to use anchors, toggle bolts, or screws that can securely hold the weight without causing unnecessary strain on the wall.

2. **Locate Studs:** For heavier furniture, it's best to mount directly into studs within the wall. This provides a much stronger anchor point than drywall alone. Use a stud finder to locate these studs before drilling or hammering.

3. **Use a Level and Measuring Tape:** To avoid unnecessary holes and adjustments, use a level to ensure your furniture will be mounted straight. Measure the area carefully before making any marks or holes.

4. **Drill Pilot Holes:** Before inserting screws or anchors, drill pilot holes. This step reduces the stress on the wall and prevents the plaster or drywall from cracking.

5. **Spread the Load:** If the furniture comes with a mounting bracket, ensure it's wide enough to spread the load across a larger area of the wall. This distribution helps minimize stress on any single point.

6. **Protect the Wall Surface:** Consider attaching felt pads or a thin layer of foam on the back of the furniture where it contacts the wall. This can prevent scuff marks and paint damage.

7. **Periodic Checks:** Over time, the weight of the furniture can cause fittings to loosen. Periodically check and tighten the hardware as necessary to prevent any sudden shifts or falls that could damage the wall.

8. **Professional Installation:** If you're unsure or the item is particularly heavy or valuable, consider hiring a professional to mount it. They will have the experience and tools to do the job without causing damage.

By following these steps, you can enjoy your wall-mounted furniture without worrying about damaging your walls.
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