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The Ultimate Guide To Cat Shelves on Walls

Cats and Their Climbing!

Your cat is your furball of fun, which gives you unconditional love (on their terms, of course) and demands nothing from you in return. Other than food, shelter, and being available whenever they call you, and being left alone at all other times.

As cat owners, you teach them to stay off the table and counters with water bottles in hand, but we all know when you’re not around, they walk on everything with pride while glaring down at the dog. 

In reality, your cat’s instinctual nature remains embedded in the ancient roots of its ancestors.

Buried deep within their DNA, cats continue to possess an innate drive to hunt and forage, a remnant of their wild counterparts who prowl through jungles and savannas in pursuit of sustenance and refuge. 

By observing your pet’s seemingly innocent antics, such as jumping onto tables and counters, you are reminded of the power they embody.

Give your beloved fur baby the respect it deserves and allow them to tap into these primordial instincts.

Cat Shelves are Just an Extension of Your Furniture Decor

How can you help them tap into these said instincts? By providing them the opportunity to climb, perch, survey from above, and hunt the other animals in the house from above. You need to invest in wall shelves for cats!

Cat shelves on walls provide not only endless entertainment and exercise opportunities for your cat but also offer numerous benefits, such as satisfying their natural instincts and promoting physical activity in a safe environment. But how do you choose the perfect cat wall furniture?

As you read on, you will learn all you need to know about cat shelves. There are several factors to consider before you make that first purchase.

These include length requirements based on your cat’s size, sturdiness considerations depending on the number of cats using it, and suitable material types for different environments. 

Benefits of Cat Shelves on Walls: More Than Just a Perch

Alright, let’s talk about the magic of cat shelves. You may view them as just another kitty furnishing that your cat may or may not acknowledge.

However,  they offer much more than that. If you’re not sold on the idea just yet, take a look as some key benefits that will make your feline friend purr with delight.

Satisfying Natural Instincts: Channeling Their Inner Leopard

Cats are natural climbers and love to perch in high places – it’s in their DNA. Cat shelves provide them with vertical space to satisfy this instinct and keep them entertained for hours. Maybe one day they will actually show their appreciation for their new perch?

Establishing Social Hierarchy Among Multiple Cats: The Feline Game of Thrones

If you have multiple cats at home, cat wall shelves can help establish a social hierarchy by providing separate perches for each fur baby.

This way, there’ll be less hissing and more harmony among your feline companions. Installing cat shelves is a great way to keep the peace. We hope, anyway. 

Promoting Safety and Confidence: A Safe Haven Up High

Cat shelves give your pets a sense of security by offering an elevated spot where they can observe their surroundings without feeling threatened or vulnerable.

Cats love to climb, and having a floating cat shelf will give them the perfect spot to do so. Your cat will feel like the king (or queen) of the castle when lounging on their floating throne.

Another key benefit is they really do save floor space. And who doesn’t need more floor space?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cat Shelves

Alright, let’s dive in. We’ve already established why cat shelves for walls are a great idea for keeping your cats happy and healthy.

And, they make an interesting home decor conversation piece.

However, there are some crucial factors to consider when selecting the perfect cat shelves for your fur baby.

Here are some essential tips:

  • Size:Consider the size of your cat and the available space in your home. You want to make sure the shelves are big enough for your cat to comfortably rest on and that they fit in the desired location.
  • Material:Look for shelves made of sturdy materials such as wood or metal. Avoid shelves made of cheap materials that may break or harm your cat.
  • Installation:Consider how easy it is to install the shelves. Some shelves require drilling, while others are easy to mount with adhesive strips.
  • Design:Choose a design that complements your home decor. There are various designs available, including floating cat shelves, cat wall furniture, and cat trees.
  • Cubby Holes:Look for shelves with cubby holes or hiding spots. Cats love to hide and feel secure in small spaces.
  • Weight Capacity:Make sure the shelves can support the weight of your cat. Most shelves have weight limits, so be sure to check before purchasing.
  • Price:Consider your budget when selecting cat shelves. There are various options available at different price points.


Placement Tips for Maximizing Enjoyment & Utility from Installed Cat Shelves

Let’s talk about the purr-fect placement of your cat shelves. 

Firstly, avoid installing them too high or spaced too far apart, as this may discourage your feline friend from using them.

Remember, cats love to climb and need multiple ways to climb up and down comfortably – so be mindful of their accessibility.


Pro tip: Positioning perches near windows is a great idea because it allows your kitties to observe their surroundings while feeling safe and secure. This not only provides entertainment but also promotes mental stimulation and reduces boredom.

Incorporating vertical space into your home decor will benefit both you and your feline companion by saving floor space and providing an enriching, natural environment for your domesticated jungle cat.

FAQs about Cat Shelves on Walls

Are Cat Shelves a Good Idea?

Yes, cat shelves are an excellent idea for providing cats with vertical space to climb, explore, and rest. They promote physical activity, satisfy their natural instincts, and help establish social hierarchies among multiple cats in the household. Additionally, they can enhance your home’s aesthetics by blending seamlessly into your decor.

Can I Put Cat Shelves on Drywall?

You can install cat shelves on drywall using appropriate wall anchors or brackets designed to support the weight of both the shelf and your pet. Ensure that you follow manufacturer guidelines for installation and weight limits to maintain safety and stability. (PETOMG offers two wall anchor kits based on solid wall and drywall to meet your installation needs.)

What Are the Benefits of Cat Shelves?

  • Satisfying cats’ natural instincts to climb
  • Promoting physical and cognitive activity
  • Establishing complex social hierarchies through vertical positioning
  • Saving floor space in smaller homes or apartments
  • Aiding mental stimulation by offering new vantage points

How Far Apart Should Cat Wall Shelves Be?

A distance of 12-16 inches is recommended; however, consider factors like your pet’s size, age, and agility levels when determining optimal distances.

Cat Shelves Wrap Up

As We said earlier, cat shelves for walls are an excellent way to provide your cats with a safe and stimulating environment.

By installing cat shelves, you can satisfy their natural instincts to climb and explore elevated spaces while promoting physical activity. Plus, the cats are super fun to watch as they learn how to maneuver their new digs! 

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