Our team has focused on improving product installation on drywall to offer you a better experience.

optimized for drywall

Install in 3 Steps

  1. Simple Installation: Completing the installation requires only a few straightforward steps.
  2. Enhanced Load-bearing Capacity: Our products can now support weights of up to 22.5kg.
  3. Improved Stability: Eliminating issues such as sliding or instability.
  4. Versatile applicability: Suitable for the majority of drywall scenarios.

Most importantly, this installation method is so straightforward that the tools we provide are sufficient for your installation needs, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Keep in Mind

  1. Installation spot is crucial. Before you begin, ensure you've chosen the optimal location. If you're unsure, take advantage of our Free Design Consultation service for tailored recommendations.
  2. Mind the wall type: Avoid mounting the product on studs; solid walls necessitate a different installation approach.


Or if some installation spots on studs, fret not.

Follow Our Installation Guidelines

  1. Use an electric drill with a diameter of 6.5 to 7 mm to drill a hole about 40 mm deep.
  2. Insert the wall anchor kit into the holes.
  3. Secure the wall anchor kit firmly in place using a hammer or screwdriver handle.
  4. Affix our product onto the secured wall anchor kit using screws.

Throughout these steps, ensure you've made a well-considered choice for the installation spot.

If uncertain, utilize our Free Design Consultation service.


Wall Repair Guidelines? YES

We’ve heard feedback from some people who are concerned they may damage their walls after installing our furniture.This article will guide you through a simple and effective method to repair these damages and restore your walls. This is something that can come in handy when moving from an apartment complex or moving your cat furniture to another location in your home.



Can it be mounted on any wall?
Suitable for solid walls & plasterboard walls.
Specifications of wall screws included with product:
Wood screws: M4x40mm
Concrete wall anchor: Ø6.5x30mm
Drywall anchor: Ø7x30mm
Concrete Wall:

Use an electric drill with a diameter of 6.5 to 7 mm to drill a hole about 40 mm deep, drive in the anchor bolt, align the product with the wall and tighten the screws.

Gypsum Board:

● Construction method of wooden wall base

Use our drywall anchor kits for wall installation. If the holes are on studs, use a solid wall anchor kit. If the wall base is only gypsum board, the strength needs to be confirmed and special anchors must be driven in to fix it.

●Construction method of light steel wall foundation

It needs to be fixed on the light steel frame foundation with light steel screws.

*Please prepare light steel screws separately.

* If the distance between the post and stud behind the wall is 60cm or more, wall mounting is judged impossible.

*Since the gypsum board has a certain thickness, it is recommended to use wood screws above 38mm so that it can be firmly attached to the base material.

Wooden Wall:

●Solid wood or plywood with a thickness of 9mm or more can be directly fixed with wood screws for wall-mounted installation. If the thickness is below 9mm, it is basically judged that wall mounting is not possible. However, depending on the situation, it can also be fixed to the wall. (Foundation reinforcement, etc.)
●Board of wood
Basically, it is judged that it cannot be wall-mounted.
* If the distance between the post and stud behind the wall is 60cm or more, wall mounting is judged impossible.

* If you are unsure about your judgment, please consult an expert such as a building contractor or contact us.

Can I install a cat wall outside my balcony or outdoors?

Our products are suitable for indoor use and are not weather resistant. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Recommended installation location?

1. A well-ventilated place
2. A place with good lighting (near a window, where you can see outside)
3. A place where you can feel the presence of the owner
4. Space where two or more climbing routes can be arranged

What's the best location?

The living room is a place where the owner often stays. When guests come to the home, there is often a place to show off, because the situation can be seen from a high place.

What products are recommended for big cats?

Recommended products especially for big cats.

Can cat shelves be installed near an air conditioner?

It is recommended that the installation cat shelves be at least 40cm away from the air conditioner outlet.

Is it possible to install cat shelves even if the wall space is small?

Even if the wall space is narrow, you can create a variety of circulation lines through the combination of bookshelves, desks and other furniture.

What should I do if my cat won’t go to cat shelves?

An alert cat may be alert to the presence of a new passage or a completely new scent. In this case, you might gradually develop an interest in your cat by guiding her up the catwalk with your favorite towel or treat.

Can short-legged cats use cat shelves?

Short-legged cats are not as good at jumping to high places as other cats, so the distance between steps can be easily used within 25cm.

Can kittens walk on catwalks?

Two-month-old kittens can develop muscles and develop a sense of balance by moving up and down, so if you place the cat step where they can easily move it up and down, you can allow them to play with peace of mind.

Can elderly cats walk on catwalks?

Elderly cats with weak legs and waists may have poor jumping ability, so it is best to keep the distance between steps within 25 cm to avoid putting pressure on the body. Also, don't force your older cat to exercise. Let your cat play at his own pace.

What are the recommended standards for parallel distance between cat steps?

Vertical distance:
Average adult cat: 25-30 cm
Short-legged cats such as Mangkin cats/elderly cats: 18-25 cm
Large cats (Maine Coon, etc.): 30-40 cm

Horizontal distance:
Average adult cat: 20-25cm
Short-legged cats such as Mangkin cats/elderly cats: within 15 cm
Large cats (Maine Coon, etc.): 30-35cm

What are the mounting points for multi-cat situations?

Can blind cats walk on catwalks?

About Free Design Service

What is free design service?

What is the process for free design service?

Do I need to place an order within a few days after the design is finalized?

The product I bought is different from the one in the design plan, can you refund the design fee?

If I purchase the product at other PETOMG stores, can you refund the design fee?

If I want to lay out multiple walls, do I need to purchase additional design service?

If I don't like the plan, can I ask for changes?

If I have purchased the product, do I need to purchase design services to design my cat wall?





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What are the mounting points for multi-cat situations?

If you set up multiple rest-type steps and make sure everyone has their own spot, you're less likely to cause trouble. Additionally, when cats are chasing each other or fighting, it is important to have at least two safe exit routes to prevent the inferior cat from being cornered and falling.

Can blind cats walk on catwalks?

By setting the steps at a height where a fall will not cause harm and shortening the distance between steps, even visually impaired cats can play on the catwalk.

*Carefully observe your cat's behavior before deciding whether you need to walk it.