Perhaps you are bothered by these?

Is your cat full of energy and loving parkour?

Is your cat lazy and doesn't want to move?

Do you want to give kitties more room to move around?

Do you want your cat to lose weight?

A Cat Wall Can Help!

Building a cat wall would be a great choice, so cats can climb up and down in the cat-friendly home we created for them. Heights motivate and satisfy cats' natural instinct to climb. Cat wall mounted offers a comfortable and safe resting place for them!

Cat Wall Customization Process

Step1-Contact us

Please provide information including your budget, the customized wall's size, your cat's size and age, the basics of your home layout (photos) via email.


We will give 1-2 design plans according to your ideas and needs in 1-2 business day. For the design plan, you can express your ideas at any time and then make some modifications to the design.

Step 3-Confirm plan

We will give you the final plan and list the items included for your clear understanding. If you are satisfied with our plan, you can pay for the draft order we sent and be ready to build your cat playground!

Step 4 - Shipped on time

We will check and deliver the package ASAP. We will also provide you with installation instructions and videos. If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate.

Build a Cat-friendly Home

To build a cat wall, you need to think about your CAT.

Some cats like to stay in high places, while some have poor jumping ability. Some cats come in different breeds, sizes, ages. So the activity space they need will be different.

Customise the distance according to your cat's. Give your cat a different experience and a perfect playing space!

Free Design for You

We can design your exclusive cat wall for free according to your house layout. You are welcome to email us at any time.

You can tell us your cat's personality, room layout pictures, budget, etc. After discussing with you, we will provide you with 1-2 sets of design drawings. Feel free to share your thoughts and needs with us at this stage. Your satisfaction is our happiness!

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