To save your effort

Design Consultation

We are here to design a perfect cat wall for you, satisfaction guarantee!

Understand how you will go through the consultation with us:

✳️ Step 1: Pay the Nominal Fee

Pay the nominal fee of $35 to secure your consultation slot.

Step 2: Submit the Relevant Information

Prepare the relevant basic information required for the design service (photos of the designable area, length and width of the design area, budget, number of cats, weight, hobbies, etc,.). Please email us the relevant information separately (email at: ), you don't have to order anything yet.

✳️ If there are items on the wall that are not removable, please indicate this in the email and tell us its dimensions so we can design the cat wall with your items. If not explicitly informed, we will treat them as removable.

Step 3: Discussion & Modification

We will provide 2 sets of layout proposals within 1-2 working days. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us at this stage, let us know if there are products you particularly want and we'll add them to the layout scheme(Please provide product ID or product screenshots), everything is modifiable!

Step 4: 15% off Confirmed

Once the final design is confirmed, we will send you a draft order containing all items included in the design. The total order amount enjoys the same discount as the cat wall set purchase - 15% off !

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Space!

Sit back, relax, and wait for your high-quality wall-mounted cat furniture to arrive.

Transform your space into a cozy and stylish haven for your feline friend, all with the help of our consultation specialist.

✳️ Upon receipt of your order, we will refund your nominal fee. This is 100% money back. Design consultation are completely free!!

We're here to make the process simple and enjoyable for you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Cat Wall Furniture Design Consultation (fully refundable) $35

Start Consultation

What is free design consultation?

At PETOMG, professional designers will design your cat wall layout to make your stay comfortable for you and your cat.

We adhere to the concept of people and pets sharing the home, making cat shelves not only a place for cats to play, but also a decoration for your home.

If I don't like the plan, can I ask for changes?

Yes, you can contact us to modify the plan at any time before you are satisfied.

If I want to lay out multiple walls, do I need to purchase additional design consultation?

No need to purchase duplicate layout services.

If I have purchased the product, do I need to purchase design consultation to design my cat wall?

If you have already purchased the product, you do not need to purchase the layout service. If you reply to the questions below directly via email, we will send you a layout plan.

1. The product purchased (or your order number)
2. Provide wall dimensions and photos or floor plans of the walls
3. Number, age and breed of cats

If I purchase the product at other PETOMG stores, can you refund the design fee?

If you purchased from other PETOMG stores, we will refund the design fee if you provide proof of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 280 reviews
Bernadette Twist
Good product, anchors supplied could be better quality.

Good solid wood. Quick and correct delivery. Anchors supplied could be of a higher quality.


So happy. Well packaged with everything you need put the drill. Easy to install. I want more

Celia Johnson

The tag is very nice.


Very pleased with it! It’s for my 3 rabbits rather than a cat haha. The reason it’s 4 starts and not 5 is because the instructions did not match the product. Things were labelled incorrectly and screw holes were in the wrong places and did not match the photos on the instructions. I ended up not putting the stairs on because they were labelled incorrectly and as soon as I realised it was too late and this is extremely difficult to take apart. And not to mention incredibly heavy! I was not expecting it to be as heavy as it was. But my rabbits seem very happy with the end results and that’s all that matters. :)

Louise Sharp
Great product and customer service

Ordered a number of items from the DIY shelves range. High quality and all very easy to put together, but I will be getting a professional to do the wall mounting. And then it’s up to the always fickle nature of cats to use them!
I had one small problem which was fixed very quickly and more than satisfactorily by the support team through email.
Thank you - I’m excited!