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Five tips for novices to raise cats

  1. Prepare a "safe house" for kittens that are about to come home

A " safe house " doesn't need to be a separate room, it can be an empty closet, a screened bedroom corner, or a cat tree for newly arrived kittens to have a space to play and rest.

Playing with your cat is a great intimacy experience, and the bond between you and your cat will grow stronger over time.


  1. Know your cat's eating habits

A cat's eating habits early in life will determine its health and well-being throughout life. Your knowledge of cat food ingredients will not only help ensure the longevity of your new family member, but will help improve the quality of life you want.

A clean source of fresh water is also vital to your cat's health. Although felines are descended from desert animals, plenty of fresh water is also essential for them, especially if they eat dry food.


  1. Prepare the cat litter box

In addition to food and water, the litter box is essential for the comfort and health of kittens. Clean the litter box carefully so you don't have to worry about smells or "outside the box".


  1. Take care of your cat's paw grinding needs

In fact, for cats, grinding their paws is as necessary as eating and sleeping. A cat's paw is their most basic tool. Grinding the claws allows the cat to grind off the old nails so that new ones can grow, just like we humans do with regular nail clipping. Another reason is that if the cat's claws are too long , it will slowly bend in the direction of the cat's pad, so that when the cat walks, it will hurt itself , so the cat will instinctively grind the claws. Cat scratching posts can be prepared for cats, they can help cats sharpen their claws.


  1. How to bathe a cat

Generally speaking, cats are very afraid of cold and water, so get prepared before giving them a bath. Room temperature, water temperature and bathing tools are included.

Make sure the room temperature is suitable (about 18-25 ℃). Prepare a towel, cat shampoo, a large tub, and other items. The water temperature is controlled at about 35-39°C (note that the normal body position of the cat is around 39°C). Slowly put the cat into the basin without submerging its head in the water. Pour bath water or shower over the cat's body from the back. After it is thoroughly poured, apply cat shampoo and rub it lightly. Be careful not to let the bath liquid get into the cat's eyes and mouth.

After cleaning, gently squeeze out the excess moisture from the hair with your hands, then wrap the cat in a bath towel, absorb the moisture, and dry it with a hair dryer, do not blow it straight.





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