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How do cats heal humans?

How do cats heal humans? 

1- Cat purring can relieve human tension.

2- Listening to the meowing of cats, humans will unconsciously breathe smoothly.

3- Stroking and playing with cats can effectively lower blood pressure.

4- The cat's audio is between 20-140HZ, which is most conducive to bone healing and increasing bone strength.

5- People who own cats have a 40% lower risk of heart disease.

6- The cat's meow and vibration can help swollen wounds heal.

7- Muscle, ligament, soft tissue injury, spending more time with cats will help recovery.


The magical healing power of cats

The truth:

The healing ability of cats to humans is not the reverie of cat keepers. The truth is that the vibration frequency of cat meows is between 20-140 Hz, and it happens that many diseases are treated within this frequency range.

In addition to physical healing, cats can heal the human mind.

After raising cats, 90% of cat keepers have had positive changes in their lives.


The magical healing power of cats

Cat owners are more self-disciplined--

The cat's life is very regular, and naturally cat keepers will become self-disciplined.

Regular and quantitative feeding, daily shoveling and grooming are "sweet burdens" that cat keepers understand.

Cats can relieve stress --

Cats can heal the unhappiness that humans encounter in work and life, and make the whole person relax.

According to statistics, cat keepers tend to be more confident, more passionate about life and less anxious.


The magical healing power of cats

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of depression.

Studies have found that cat keepers are more likely to withdraw from negative emotions such as pain and sadness, and are more willing to help others without expecting anything in return.

Cats can help improve sleep quality--

In addition to having a healing effect on the body, the purring of cats can also improve the sleep quality of the cat keeper and relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Try interacting with the cat before going to bed, stroking the cat gently, listening to the cat's purr and falling asleep slowly~

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