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Heatstroke prevention tips - raising cats in summer

Can cats have air conditioners?

-- Cats have a high tolerance to high temperature, so the room temperature can be maintained at 28-32 degrees Celsius.

--Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to turn on the air conditioner for cats to cool down (except above 33 degrees Celsius).

--If you want to turn on the air conditioner for your cat, be careful to put a blanket, if the cat is cold, it will get into the blanket by itself.


Heatstroke symptoms in cats

-- Body temperature rises to 41-42 degrees Celsius

-- keep breathing

--The nose is red, dry and hot

--More mucus around the eyes

--Anorexia, vomiting, general weakness, accelerated heart rate. In severe cases, symptoms of dehydration, foaming at the mouth, purple mucous membranes, convulsions and coma may appear.

Note: If you have these symptoms, seek medical attention in time!



-- Feed the cat a little less each time, you can feed it several times, the cat eats the leftover food

Be sure to throw it out and wash the cat bowl to avoid the breeding of bacteria

-- Sufficient and fresh drinking water should be prepared for cats every day, so that cats can drink at any time

--Place the cat litter in a cool and ventilated place, never place the cat litter in the sun

--Prepare the ice pad, the cats that are cold and cold love it!

--Cut the hair of the cat's claws to help the cat cool down

--Pay attention to mosquito repellent and insect repellent. It is recommended to use electric mosquito swatters, mosquito nets or mosquito repellent products that do not contain pyrethroids


Small taboo!

-- Full body shaving

Cats have their own molting cycle, shaving will make cats depressed, and shaving has no effect on cats' heat dissipation

- frequent baths

Excessive humidity on the cat will make the cat more unaccustomed to the high temperature

--Drink ice water, cold drinks

Cats will have soft stools when they drink cold water and feel uncomfortable

--Don't take the cat out at noon

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