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Eco-friendly & Sustainable

PETOMG Cat Perch, Cat Space Capsule, Cat Bed Furniture, Cat Wall Mounted | Rubber Wood


✅ High quality, enco-friendly & sustainable rubber wood

✅ Wall-mounted to free up your floor space

✅ Free shipping in 1 working day, delivery within 2-6 working days

✅ Easy to navigate mounting instructions

✅ 50 days free refund and return


Meet the wall-mounted cat shelf, the perfect solution to release floor space while still providing your feline companion with a comfortable climbing, resting, and playing space.

【🐈Cat wall playground】Whether you're looking for a single cat shelf or a combination of multiple cat wall shelves, you'll have the flexibility to create your ideal cat wall playground that perfectly suits your cat's needs. The mounting hardware is included, so you can easily install the cat shelf and start using it right away.
【🌳Eco-friendly material】 Crafted from natural and environment-friendly rubber wood, this cat shelf offers a sturdy and eco-friendly design that your cat will love. The versatile home style ensures that it will complement any home decor, while also providing you with various options to choose from.
【🌌Space expansion】This cat wall shelf, with wall-mounted design, does not occupy indoor floor space, which can maximize the protection of your and your family's activity space in the room without interference.
【🛠️Easy to install】 For each product, we are equipped with wall anchor kits, so that the product is firmly fixed to the wall so that your cat will not be frightened and hurt.
【🏠DIY freely】If you prefer to DIY and create a custom cat wall playground, this cat shelf can be used in conjunction with other wall-mounted cat shelves like cat walks, cat Wall steps, and cat wall beds.

In summary, the wall-mounted cat shelf provides the perfect solution for cat owners who want to release floor space and give their cats more room to play and explore. With its sturdy, environment-friendly rubber wood construction, versatile home style, and easy-to-assemble design, it's an excellent choice for any cat owner looking for a functional, yet stylish, cat wall shelf.


· Dimension : W 40cm x L 39cm x H 24cm (Refer to second main image)

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    PETOMG Pet Furniture Cleaning Guide

    Thank you for choosing PETOMG pet furniture! The following tips will help you keep your pet’s furniture looking its best.

    1. How to clean the wood?
    • The wooden boards on PETOMG pet furniture are made of rubber wood, and the surface of the wood is also brushed with an environmentally friendly coating to prolong the use of the wood. Use a damp (non-abrasive sponge) and some non-toxic cleaning agents (such as dish soap) lightly scrub the board. Make sure to keep the scratching posts and pads from getting wet. At last, wipe the board dry with a clean cloth.
    1. How to clean the scratchingposts and pads?
    • Our scratching posts and pads are made of sisal (The cat scratching posts of cat wall products are wrapped with kraft paper. The floor-to-ceiling cat tower's scratching posts are made of kraft paper tubes). The materials are absorbent, so you should not clean them with water. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and grime. If one of the posts does get wet or wet, be sure to act quickly and dry it completely with a hair dryer using cool air.
    1. How to reduce mold damage to furniture in a healthy and environmentally friendly way?
    • Regularly clean the room where the product is located, especially after pets are outdoors, as they may carry mold spores in their paws and hair.
    • Regularly ventilating the room will bring clean air into the room and blow away moisture, thus preventing the growth of mold.
    • Do not store pet furniture in wet rooms (such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.) Pet owners living in humid climates must pay extra attention to the placement of pet furniture, taking into account the product's need for a dry environment.

    Meticulous Details

    Designed with care❤

    High-quality Rubberwood

    Wood Wax Oil Processing

    Chamfered Design


    Features & Details

    • Natural rubber wood, environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    • Recommended for indoor use.
    • Supports weights up to 22.5kg.
    • Solid walls are recommended. For other wall types, please refer here.
    • 50 day risk free trial. Shipping & returns are on us and there are no restocking or hidden fees.

    Easy to install & assemble

    The instructions include detailed assembly steps and precautions for the product, and we’ve also added video instructions for the people who would rather watch it in that format.

    Download PDF ✔


    Why rubber wood cat furniture?

    Rubberwood cat furniture is popular among pet lovers mainly because rubberwood has several significant advantages.

    First of all, rubber wood is an environmentally friendly material derived from sustainably grown rubber trees. When the trees no longer produce latex, they are cut down for furniture and new trees are planted, creating a sustainable cycle.

    Secondly, rubberwood is hard and durable, making it an ideal material for pet furniture, especially for cats who like to scratch. Rubberwood furniture can withstand a lot of pressure and wear, so they generally last longer than pet furniture made of other materials.

    In addition, rubber wood has a smooth surface and is easy to clean and maintain, which is very important for keeping the cat’s living environment clean and hygienic. Finally, rubber wood has a natural and beautiful wood grain, which can be well integrated into home decoration, making it both practical and beautiful.

    How can I determine if your cat furniture can be mounted on my house wall?

    To determine if the cat furniture can be mounted on your house wall, you'll need to assess several key factors:

    Wall Material: Identify the material of your wall. Different materials require different types of anchors or fasteners. PETOMG puts 2 sets wall anchor kits in every package, one for solid wall and one for drywall.

    Furniture Weight: Consider the weight of the cat furniture itself and the maximum weight it's designed to hold.PETOMG's cat wall products can bear a load of up to 22.5kg.

    Tools: Assess whether you have the necessary tools (e.g., drill, level) to install the furniture. PETOMG provides screwdrivers and screw sets required for assembly and installation. All you need is a drill and a pencil for marking.

    Installation Guide: Carefully read the product's installation guide. PETOMG provides detailed steps and requirements to ensure the furniture can be safely mounted on a wall.

    Seek Professional Advice: If you're uncertain about your wall material or the installation process, it's best to consult a professional, such as a contractor or a professional installer. They can offer advice tailored to your specific situation.

    By considering these factors, you can better determine if the cat furniture can be mounted on your house wall. If you decide to proceed with the installation, make sure to follow all safety guidelines to ensure the safety of both you and your pet.

    Are your products easy to assemble and install on the wall? (Installation specialist guidance)

    Absolute! Our cat wall products are easy and effortless to install. Each product comes with detailed assembly instructions, and you can also easily complete it by watching the installation video.

    If you still have concerns, you can complete the installation with our one-on-one online guidance. We're here to make sure that setting up your product is a breeze.

    Are your products eligible for exchanges and refunds?

    Hassle-Free Returns and Full Refunds:

    Enjoy our 50-day free exchange policy with a 100% money-back guarantee—no hidden fees, no fine print. At Petomg, integrity is our most valuable currency.

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    Voice of Customers💕

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 279 reviews
    LOVE IT!!!

    So happy. Well packaged with everything you need put the drill. Easy to install. I want more

    Celia Johnson

    The tag is very nice.


    Very pleased with it! It’s for my 3 rabbits rather than a cat haha. The reason it’s 4 starts and not 5 is because the instructions did not match the product. Things were labelled incorrectly and screw holes were in the wrong places and did not match the photos on the instructions. I ended up not putting the stairs on because they were labelled incorrectly and as soon as I realised it was too late and this is extremely difficult to take apart. And not to mention incredibly heavy! I was not expecting it to be as heavy as it was. But my rabbits seem very happy with the end results and that’s all that matters. :)

    Louise Sharp
    Great product and customer service

    Ordered a number of items from the DIY shelves range. High quality and all very easy to put together, but I will be getting a professional to do the wall mounting. And then it’s up to the always fickle nature of cats to use them!
    I had one small problem which was fixed very quickly and more than satisfactorily by the support team through email.
    Thank you - I’m excited!

    Kris Leeder

    Well made, my cats absolutely love

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