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Our Story

"Each of our products is designed in gratitude for the furry friends who spend their lives healing our world."💕

Resonating with Cats

Just as you see in these images and videos, yes, you're right. We have many adorable cats who are not only deeply loved members of our families but also the Chief Experience Officers of all our products.

We've designed a variety of floor-standing and wall-mounted furniture specifically for cats. When they combined, they create a paradise for cats to play, climb, scratch, and rest. These items come with many names: cat trees, cat shelves, cat walks, cat perches, cat condos, wall-mounted cat furniture... Here, together with our cats, we've created many warm and interesting scenes. We hope to convey this warmth and healing to more cat keepers.

Our vision is that when people talk about PETOMG, they will easily think of a shared home filled with warmth and healing. It’s a place where cat keepers can empathize with their cats and feel comfortable, peaceful, and satisfied.

The core of our products is like our heartfelt emotions, it shouldn't be neutered or hidden💗

Most products on the market are made of multi-layer boards or particle boards. Although they look good after being painted and packaged, fulfill functional needs and are cheap, they also cause environmental damage.

Some relatively good products are made of pine boards, but the texture of the pine boards is soft, and the surface of the product is easily left with a lot of scratches by cats, which affects the beauty and effective service life of the product.

We are fully aware of the above issues. That’s why we chose rubberwood, which is eco-friendly and sustainable, simply for its superior hardwood quality and texture. Products made from it are more durable and beautiful. That's why many customers exclaim when they receive our products: amazing!!! Because we love our cats. They are our family members, and we believe the keepers of these furry friends feel the same way.

To love them is to give them better. The core of our products is like our heartfelt emotions, it shouldn't be neutered or hidden.

A Warm Home of Companionship and Healing

In the fast-paced modern life, pets have become an important part of many families, where they are not just pets, but also family members, friends, and comforting companions.

For cat lovers, creating a safe and comfortable living space for their furry friends is a great choice. Wall-mounted cat furniture, as an innovative and stylish solution, not only saves space but also enhances the aesthetic and functionality of the home, gradually becoming a symbol of "companionship" and "healing" in modern life.

Companionship: Create an Intimate Space to Enhance Emotional Bonds

The design of wall-mounted cat furniture fully considers cats' climbing habits and desire to explore, allowing them to freely move at different heights and enjoy the fun of climbing. This not only satisfies their natural instincts but also provides them with a unique perspective to observe the world.

At the same time, pet owners can observe pets' activities on the furniture to gain a deeper understanding of their personalities and preferences, and enhance the emotional connection with their pets.

Healing: A Warm Haven to Alleviate Stress

In modern urban life, people face various stresses and challenges. Home, as a warm haven, should offer a relaxing and comfortable environment for every family member.

The design of wall-mounted cat furniture at PETOMG not only consider aesthetics and practicality but more importantly, provide a safe and comfortable space for cats. When cats quietly nap or leisurely gaze out the window on these furniture, their calmness and contentment are also conveyed to every family member, creating a healing atmosphere for the entire home.

Integrates Functionality & Beauty

As an emerging category in pet furniture, wall-mounted cat furniture is not only a practical item, but also a fashionable home decoration. Through innovative design, functionality, aesthetics and comfort are perfectly integrated into products. This design concept not only reflects our concern for pet welfare, but also emphasizes a deep understanding and respect for modern lifestyles, improving the quality of life of pets and the home experience of owners.

Shaping a Welcoming Home for All Family Members, Paws Included

Our philosophy is that home is a shared space for every member, whether human or pet, where everyone should find a sense of belonging and comfort. We constantly reflect on how we can better care for our pets, creating a more harmonious and inclusive living environment.

The PETOMG range of cat furniture is more than an assembly of items, it's a bond that conveys the concepts of "companionship" and "healing." These products are created not simply to reinforce the connection between pet parents and their animal friends but also to infuse a sense of style into the family’s habitat. These pieces are thoughtful reflections that engage with the nuances of contemporary life.

We are conscious of our material choices at PETOMG, valuing both exceptional quality and environmental responsibility. The pet- and planet-kind material we prefer is sustainably-sourced rubberwood—a testament to our dedication to all household members' welfare. The wall-mounted designs of our cat furniture flaunt a minimalistic, modern aesthetic that organically suffuses any room's decor while uniquely standing its ground. They are innovatively crafted to suit our feline pals' requirements and to aesthetically enhance our homes.

Our concern transcends the physical comforts these pieces provide for our pets. We underscore the potential of our products to weave stronger emotional threads within the household, sewing together individuals and their pets and nurturing a warm family ambiance.

The designs harbored in the PETOMG cat furniture collection aspire to enrich pets’ lives and also to act as a tangible mesmerizing embodiment of the bond they share with their humans. This endorses our belief in designing homewares that assist in laying down a truly welcoming environment for pet-owning households while mirroring the foundational principles of the PETOMG brand - not just furniture, but a symbol of healing and companionship.

Embarking on this quest, we invite each of you to redefine what harmonious coexistence with our pet partners embodies. With PETOMG, you don’t merely select pieces for your dwelling—you architect a dwelling resounding with ease and affection for each inhabitant, whether on two legs or four.

Animal Rescue and Donation

We will use our earnings to develop more rescue products for stray cats, aiming to provide as many stray cats as possible with safe shelters. Furthermore, we will gather information from animal rescue organizations and institutions worldwide to donate our products without compensation. Just like our family members, these animals deserve to be cared for.

Each of our products is designed in gratitude for the furry friends who spend their lives healing our world.💕