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Bulk Order Program

At PETOMG, we want to inspire people to make their pets live better and more sustainable lifestyle. So we officially launched the bulk order program and invite you to join us to make more pets live a better life. So whether you want to improve the quality of your pet's life, the style of your pet store. PETOMG will be your great choice!

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General Questions

What is the minimum quantity of a batch order?

At least 20. 

Do you offer wholesale accounts or dropshipping partnerships?

Yes. We offer wholesale partnerships now. If you are willing to leverage our brand with your sales network, you could join our Channel Partners Program for more details. 

How do I place an order?

Once you’ve received your quote and determined that you’d like to proceed, we will send you an invoice. At that time, we will also ask for your payment information. You will be able to review your invoice and confirm your order before proceeding to payment. Upon receiving your payment information, we will place your order and send you the package tracking number once your order is shipped.

Do You Offer Samples?

We do not send out samples for now. If you want to sample a product before ordering, please place an order directly through our website.

Do you offer customization services on your products?

Currently, we offer style and size customization for part of the products. Please kindly know that an extra fee is needed for custom service.

Can I bulk order items that are out of stock?

If a specific colorway/size of a product you'd like to bulk order is out of stock or only available for pre-order, we'll consider it after receiving your products list and let you know.

Can I return all or part of my bulk order?

No. Bulk orders do not support the return policy for now.


Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We offer discounts on bulk orders, but it depends on the products and quantities you need. Upon acquiring your order information, we will determine the discount we can offer and let you know.

What forms of payment do you accept on bulk orders?

We accept payment by credit card, TT, LC and Paypal.


How long will it take to receive the bulk order?

Normally, we will confirm processing order and shipping time before you pay. Please note that the processing and shipping time may be longer for a large order.

Can I use my own FedEx/UPS account for bulk orders?

No. Shipment via third-party accounts is not acceptable.

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At PETOMG, we are proud to offer high quality products and provide great customer services. We also understand sometimes things happen and we are always here to help.

Email: support@petomg.com