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Channel Partners Program

We do not want to be simply a manufacturer or a brand only available online. While we establish this unique pet supplies brand, we hope to partner with different channels to shape its visual voice through inspired marketing-driven solutions and thorough value chain networks.

Our Advantages


What’s the Difference Between Channel Partners Program and Bulk Orders Program?

Channel Partners Program encourages relative players in the value chain to join us to promote our unique brand “PETOMG” with continuous efforts, adding value to its visual voice globally. Bulk orders are occasional cases that improve the margin per unit sold, which usually requires customization but do not have steady demand.

How Many Discount I Can Get to Join the Channel Partners Program?
Is It More Than the Bulk Orders Program?

Channel Partners Program offers different discount rate to different level of channel partners according to sales performance. If you fall into one category, you could get promised discount as well as marketing support which usually includes advertising spending, free gifts for loyalty program, dead stock switch, material support and etc.


How Do I Place an Order?

Generally speaking, once you receive your quote and determine that you’d like to proceed, we will send you an proforma invoice(PI). Meanwhile, we will ask for your payment information. You will be able to review your PI and confirm your order before proceeding to payment. Upon receiving your payment information, we will place your order and update you the delivery schedule accordingly. You will receive order updates every three days from our customer service team after the order placement.


Do You Offer Customization Services on Your Products?

Currently, we offer pet photos, names, birthdays and product sizes customization for part of the series. Please kindly be aware that an extra cost may incur for custom service. Besides, we do not offer customization on our brand. However, we are more than happy to discuss the possibility of a co-branding or crossover project.

Need Help?

At PETOMG, we are proud to offer high quality products and provide the great customer services. We also understand sometimes things happen and we are always here to help.