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Juego de estantes trepadores para gatos montados en la pared

£89.00 £104.00
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Zona de juegos Deluxe Cat Wall: no solo ocupa un espacio limitado en la pared, sino que también crea un territorio de juego interesante para los gatos.

Material de alta calidad: madera de caucho ecológica y sostenible para garantizar una calidad superior.

Cat Paradise: esta serie de PETOMG proporciona a los gatos funciones y espacio para jugar y descansar, estimulando su instinto de explorar y escalar.

Features & Details

  • Natural rubber wood, environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Recommended for indoor use.
  • Supports weights up to 22.5kg.
  • Solid walls are recommended. For other wall types, please refer here.
  • 50 days risk free trial. Shipping & returns are on us and there are no restocking or hidden fees.

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  • Orders are processed within 1 working day and free shipped from local warehouses in the US, AU & the UK.
  • Delivery within 2-6 working days.
  • We cannot deliver to PO Boxes and Military Addresses (APO, FPO).

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Refunds & Exchanges

50 days free refund and exchange.

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Care Guide

PETOMG Guía de limpieza de muebles para mascotas

¡Gracias por elegir los muebles para mascotas PETOMG! Los siguientes consejos le ayudarán a mantener los muebles de su mascota en su mejor aspecto.

  1. ¿Cómo limpiar la madera?
  • Las tablas de madera de los muebles para mascotas PETOMG están hechas de madera de caucho y la superficie de la madera también está cepillada con un revestimiento ecológico para prolongar su uso. Utilice una esponja húmeda (no abrasiva) y algunos agentes de limpieza no tóxicos (como jabón para platos) para frotar ligeramente la tabla. Asegúrese de evitar que los postes y las almohadillas para rascar se mojen. Por último, seque la tabla con un paño limpio.
  1. ¿Cómo limpiar los rascadores y las almohadillas?
  • Nuestros postes y almohadillas para rascar están hechos de sisal (los postes para rascar para gatos de los productos de pared para gatos están envueltos con papel kraft. Los postes para rascar para gatos de la torre para gatos del piso al techo están hechos de tubos de papel kraft). Los materiales son absorbentes, por lo que no debes limpiarlos con agua. Puedes utilizar una aspiradora para eliminar todo el polvo y la suciedad. Si uno de los postes se moja o moja, asegúrate de actuar rápidamente y secarlo completamente con un secador de pelo con aire frío.
  1. ¿Cómo reducir los daños causados ​​por el moho en los muebles de forma saludable y respetuosa con el medio ambiente?
  • Limpie periódicamente la habitación donde se encuentra el producto, especialmente después de que las mascotas estén al aire libre, ya que pueden portar esporas de moho en sus patas y pelo.
  • Ventilar la habitación con regularidad traerá aire limpio a la habitación y eliminará la humedad, evitando así el crecimiento de moho.
  • No almacene muebles para mascotas en habitaciones húmedas (como baños, cuartos de lavado, etc.). Los dueños de mascotas que viven en climas húmedos deben prestar especial atención a la ubicación de los muebles para mascotas, teniendo en cuenta la necesidad del producto de un ambiente seco.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 290 reviews
Tess Perry (Los Angeles, US)
My cat is IN LOVE with his elevated food bowls and wall-mounted furniture!!!

There are truly no words for how much PETOMG has enriched my cat’s life. I am forever grateful for their INCREDIBLE products and equally incredible customer service. I love that they use sustainable materials, and I love how high quality their products are. The elevated food bowls are so aesthetic and look adorable in my home, PLUS they keep my cat’s neck and spine safe. Thank you PETOMG!!

Pariss (Brisbane, AU)
Fantastic Product!! 😻

Both of my cats are indoor, so this is has been a great addition to the house where they can now climb and get out all that energy 😻🐾 Definitely a must buy for your cat 🤩

Amy G (Troy, US)
The cats love it!

We have three pieces and the cats love climbing on them all!

yasmin baird (Edinburgh, GB)
Cat wall mounted

They are amazing my cats have never been off it

Cindy Jones (Houston, US)
All the cats love it!

We have the “Cat House, Cat Condo, TV Cat Bed, Cat Scratcher”…and all the cats takes turns getting in the cat bed and one is usually on top. This product is made from eco friendly material and very well made ~

Beyond the Norm: Why Opt for Rubber Wood?

  • More durable, will not deform after many years of use.
  • A higher grade texture, not only a piece of cat furniture but also a home decoration.
  • Easier to clean and maintain.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

Comparing Rubber Wood with Others

  • Pine Board

    Soft wood, scratches easily, expands and contracts easily, may cause deformation

  • Particle Board

    Poor load-bearing and durability. The glue content is high and may release harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Easy to expand and damage

  • Plywood

    May release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, potentially affecting indoor air quality and human health

How to install ? Only a few Steps

Our products are suitable for both drywall and solid wall.

How to Repair Walls After Uninstalling?

We’ve heard feedback from some people who are concerned they may damage their walls after installing our furniture.This article will guide you through a simple and effective method to repair these damages and restore your walls. This is something that can come in handy when moving from an apartment complex or moving your cat furniture to another location in your home.

Choosing the Ideal Wall for Your Cat Wall System

Creating an ideal wall-mounted cat system for your feline friend can enhance their playtime and promote physical health. However, the first step in achieving this goal is choosing the right wall. Here are some practical tips to help you make an informed decision.

Value Cat Wall Combo Set

Save 15% when you purchase as a combo set compared to buying individually!

Customizable Purchase

You can purchase the individual units included in the set separately.

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PETOMG Poste rascador para gatos, escalones de pared para gatos, paseos para gatos (2 piezas) | Madera de caucho
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Expert Feedback on Instagram

  • @plush_dollface_persians

    I was telling you guys that I don’t have any cat climbers at this moment and I am looking for unique new ones. My cats were fortunate to receive a gift from this brand called PetOMG, they have the most amazing cat climbers, cat houses, and cat walls that you could customize.

  • @Luna, Lily, and Lucy

    Our wall has been upgraded thanks to the giveaway prizes that we won from@petomg

  • @screamy_beany

    Screaming because my petomg shelves are the perfect place for me to avoid Blueberry, seven days a week

  • @zolder_the_cat

    Hey furriends, check out our ameowzing castle from petomg
    We absolutely love it, and there are lots of places to climb around, hide, or just rule over our kingdom!

  • @scrimpusthecat

    Thank you so much petomg! Scrimpus is totally obsessed with his wall-mounted cat furniture!

  • @thepurrfecttcats

    We are so excited that we received the finishing touches to our cat wall! We will be making another post when it’s all finished!! Thank you petomg

  • @catcatcity_

    Back at it with another great build from petomg
    We are obsessed with this floor standing cat unit! Complete with a casita , observation deck and a bubble bowl that’s PURRFECT for napping, we can’t wait to integrate it into our cat bedroom

  • @tookandbrandybuck

    This funny German song is what I imagine runs through Pippin’s head every day

    The shelf bowl listed is from a cat shelf set Merry and Pippin were gifted over at petomg!

  • @rocket_the_cat_2023

    Meowm and I were so happy to receive our very first wall mounted cat furniture from the amazing petomg Since I’m always trying to climb the walls anyways  Meowm thought it would be a great idea to try out some wall mounted furniture to keep me entertained and happy!

  • @tortie_twinnies

    Where else 2 queens can live ? petomg made sure that we have a castle
    Full range of their products are available on their website


Can it be mounted on any wall?

Suitable for solid walls & plasterboard walls.
Specifications of wall screws included with product:
Wood screws: M4x40mm
Concrete wall anchor: Ø6.5x30mm
Drywall anchor: Ø7x30mm
Concrete Wall:

Use an electric drill with a diameter of 6.5 to 7 mm to drill a hole about 40 mm deep, drive in the anchor bolt, align the product with the wall and tighten the screws.

Gypsum Board:

● Construction method of wooden wall base

Use our drywall anchor kits for wall installation. If the holes are on studs, use a solid wall anchor kit. If the wall base is only gypsum board, the strength needs to be confirmed and special anchors must be driven in to fix it.

●Construction method of light steel wall foundation

It needs to be fixed on the light steel frame foundation with light steel screws.

*Please prepare light steel screws separately.

* If the distance between the post and stud behind the wall is 60cm or more, wall mounting is judged impossible.

*Since the gypsum board has a certain thickness, it is recommended to use wood screws above 38mm so that it can be firmly attached to the base material.

Wooden Wall:

●Solid wood or plywood with a thickness of 9mm or more can be directly fixed with wood screws for wall-mounted installation. If the thickness is below 9mm, it is basically judged that wall mounting is not possible. However, depending on the situation, it can also be fixed to the wall. (Foundation reinforcement, etc.)
●Board of wood
Basically, it is judged that it cannot be wall-mounted.
* If the distance between the post and stud behind the wall is 60cm or more, wall mounting is judged impossible.

* If you are unsure about your judgment, please consult an expert such as a building contractor or contact us.

How can I determine if your cat furniture can be mounted on my house wall?

To determine if the cat furniture can be mounted on your house wall, you'll need to assess several key factors:

Wall Material: Identify the material of your wall. Different materials require different types of anchors or fasteners. PETOMG puts 2 sets wall anchor kits in every package, one for solid wall and one for drywall.

Furniture Weight: Consider the weight of the cat furniture itself and the maximum weight it's designed to hold.PETOMG's cat wall products can bear a load of up to 22.5kg.

Tools: Assess whether you have the necessary tools (e.g., drill, level) to install the furniture. PETOMG provides screwdrivers and screw sets required for assembly and installation. All you need is a drill and a pencil for marking.

Installation Guide: Carefully read the product's installation guide. PETOMG provides detailed steps and requirements to ensure the furniture can be safely mounted on a wall.

Seek Professional Advice: If you're uncertain about your wall material or the installation process, it's best to consult a professional, such as a contractor or a professional installer. They can offer advice tailored to your specific situation.

By considering these factors, you can better determine if the cat furniture can be mounted on your house wall. If you decide to proceed with the installation, make sure to follow all safety guidelines to ensure the safety of both you and your pet.

Are your products easy to assemble and install on the wall? (Installation specialist guidance)

Absolute! Our cat wall products are easy and effortless to install. Each product comes with detailed assembly instructions, and you can also easily complete it by watching the installation video.

If you still have concerns, you can complete the installation with our one-on-one online guidance. We're here to make sure that setting up your product is a breeze.

Are your products eligible for exchanges and refunds?

Hassle-Free Returns and Full Refunds:

Enjoy our 50-day free exchange policy with a 100% money-back guarantee—no hidden fees, no fine print. At Petomg, integrity is our most valuable currency.

What products are recommended for big cats?

Recommended products especially for big cats.


Juego de estantes trepadores para gatos montados en la pared

£89.00 £104.00
Zona de juegos Deluxe Cat Wall: no solo ocupa un espacio limitado en la pared, sino que también crea un territorio de juego interesante para los gatos.

Material de alta calidad: madera de caucho ecológica y sostenible para garantizar una calidad superior.

Cat Paradise: esta serie de PETOMG proporciona a los gatos funciones y espacio para jugar y descansar, estimulando su instinto de explorar y escalar.
Ver producto